Ob Creation Template

Here are the sample steps to view a new OB from a template using the LBC OB GUI.
The template is a simple object observation 10-times dithered Steidel field in B-BESSEL band of 180sec of single exposure time pointing the RAD=143.40042 and DEC=28.59306.
Basic steps to view the OB in the OB-GUI:

  • download the tar archive: wget "http://lbc.oa-roma.inaf.it/GUI/steidelOBsample/steidel.tar"
  • untar the field in your local directory: cd LOCAL_PATH; tar -xvf steidel.tar;
  • open your OB GUI, open the LOCAL_PATH directory and then open the ob file name Steidel_B.ob selecting "import values"
  • if you wanto to save it in a new OB it is possible to change all OB fields (i.e. TARGET/RA/DEC/PA ...) and eventually save it in a new ob file name

For Any question please don't hesitate to contact Stefano Gallozzi (gallozzi@oa-roma.inaf.it)